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​Smog Check

Vic's Garage is an authorized auto repair shop and that performs detailed smog checks at competitive rates. Many cars on the road have undetected smog issues, so it is important to get a thorough inspection. A properly maintained and running car will save money over the long run on gas and repair costs. When it is time for your car to get a smog inspection, bring it to us. We can complete your smog check quickly and efficiently.

If you need skilled auto repair service, our auto care is top class. We make sure that no detail is left out when we diagnose your car problems. We run a diagnostic check to see what repairs you need and what services we recommend, and then we discuss the results with you to be sure you thoroughly understand the options.

If you are looking for a quality smog check shop with competitive prices, contact Vic's Garage today. We are proud to serve the Valley Center, CA area.